New Bedford is one of the original communities awarded the Mass in Motion Municipal Wellness and Leadership grant to work on the prevention of obesity through increased physical activity and healthy eating.  Mass in Motion New Bedford is currently focusing on Community Action Plan goals and objectives that include support of built environment initiatives for healthier communities, with emphasis on the following five sectors: health care, schools, worksites, community institutions/organizations and the community-at-large. Mass in Motion New Bedford is increasing opportunities for waling and biking through the New Bedford Bicycle Committee, Safe Routes to School, WalkBoston trainings, and their collaboration with Mass in Motion Fall River in creating a Southcoast Regional Bikeway.  New Bedford is also helping residents eat better through healthy vending policies, the Victory Park Children’s Garden, a Soda Free challenge, and Healthy Meals programs healthy meals at local parks. New Bedford has also made great strides with their Healthy Dining Program, which now has over 14 participating restaurants.

In 2011 New Bedford was awarded a research grant, Mass in Motion Kids, focusing on children 2-12, to reduce childhood obesity among underserved children.  As part of the research study, New Bedford is incorporating evidence-based interventions in primary health care, child care and schools/after-school programs.



Kim Ferreira
New Bedford Mass in Motion Coordinator

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.