Energize Everett formed in 2009 to tackle rising diabetes and obesity rates in the City of Everett by creating an environment where healthy choices are not only an option, but a standard practice. Everett has convened the Farmer’s market planning committee, which procured three farmers and various other vendors for a market that started Summer 2012. Energize Everett is also committed to adopting complete street policies for the City, and drafted a policy that was shared with the Planning Department to add in specifics on funding specifics and diagrams. Complete streets workshops and walking audits also began in 2012. To get Everett residents moving, Energize Everett has been identifying new (and improving existing) walking routes, specifically around the Mystic River.

Everett has also worked to advance healthy vending options within the city, and is participating in a Healthy Dining program to ensure that healthier options are offered in local restaurants. Energize Everett is also participating in a Healthy Markets initiative, which works with local corner stores to offer healthier foods and drinks.

In addition, Everett receives CTG funding to implement smoke-free multi-family housing initiatives.

Website: www.cityofeverett.com/Everett_files/energize/index.htm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/energizeeverett


Valerie Spain
Director of Energize Everett

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.