Healthy Chelsea is a citywide coalition with a long-term vision to change environmental and social conditions in Chelsea, so that healthy eating and active living become community norms. In 2010, school health data for Chelsea revealed that 47% of first-graders, 50% of fourth-graders, 56% of seventh-graders and 41% of 10th-grade students are overweight or obese. The coalition's goal is for a gradual and long-term reduction of Body Mass Index for Chelsea's diverse residents, increasing their overall health and life expectancy. In 2013, the Healthy Chelsea Coalition began working with corner stores to offer healthier food and drink options through the Mass in Motion Healthy Markets program. Mass in Motion also supports the Coalition's efforts to mobilize Chelsea High School students who are advocating for improvements in School Lunch, with the aim to increase the number of students who eat a healthy lunch every day.

Melissa Dimond

This information is provided by the Department of Public Health.