EEC regulations for family, small group and school age and large group and school age child care programs require families to provide evidence that the child has been successfully immunized according to the Department of Public Health's current recommended schedule and has had a complete physical examination within the last twelve months 1. See 606 CMR 7.04(7)(a)(13).

Families of children enrolled must provide documentation regarding immunization at the time of the child's admission into the child care program and have up to one month from the time of admission to submit documentation of the required physical examination. 1

Children from a homeless, teen parent or supportive family may have difficulty obtaining medical records at the time of admission into a child care program because of the stresses and disorganization caused by issues affecting these priority populations. Accordingly, a Licensee will allow a family from a priority population up to six (6) months from the date of their child's admission into a child care program to obtain the child's medical records. All other record requirements, as specified in EEC regulations, remain unchanged.

If the Department of Public Health issues a health advisory impacting children in care, the program must give precedence to the advisory over this policy especially for those children who may not have evidence of up-to-date immunizations.

1 For school age children, parents may submit a written statement that the required information is on file at the child's school.