To locate statewide contracts visit The Comm-PASS website provides access to all procurement records. In order to find all active statewide contracts you must first click on Search for Contracts and then make sure that the two fields listed below are correct:

  1. Statewide Contract box is CHECKED
  2. Document Status drop down box says ACTIVE

The search results link at the top of the page will provide access to a list of statewide contracts which can be sorted by Close Date, Document Number, and Title. The View Icon (eyeglasses) provides access to each record.

Each contract record has seven (7) separate tabs with information that is important to understand in order to conduct purchases or to comply with public records law. The contract pages are listed below with a brief description of the content that can be found on each page.

  • Please contact the OSD Contract Manager as identified in the contract record for more detailed information about a particular statewide contract or contact the OSD Comm-PASS Helpdesk at 888-627-8283 for additional help in locating contracts.

Contract Tab

Statewide Contracts 
Information Continued on the Specified Tab


What is the contract number and title? In general, what can be purchased?

What is the estimated value or volume of purchasing anticipated?

When will it expire? Are there any renewal options?

In general, who is eligible to purchase from this contract?

Are there EPP products/services? Are there Prompt Payment Terms?

Are there SDP or minority-certified contractors?

From which solicitation did this contract originate?


Will there be any further opportunity for vendors to bid on this contract?

What is the applicable Procurement Law?

What are the contract renewal periods anticipated, if any?


Who is specifically eligible to purchase from this contract?

Who is the Contract Manager? How do I reach them?

Who are the additional people involved in managing this contract, if any?

Forms & Terms

All pertinent detailed contract documents including:

Contract User Guide - This is a document that summarizes how to use (buy from) a SWC; contract pricing; contract commodities and services specifications; contract purchase order forms; contract warranties; contract delivery terms. Follow this link to:  Statewide Contract User Guides

Request for Response (RFR) from the solicitation

Reporting forms for contractors 


Who are the contractors authorized on this statewide contract?

Which contractors participate in the Supplier Diversity Program xls format of 09Q3_contractors.xls

Which contractors offer Environmentally Preferable Products or Services?

Which contractors offer Prompt Pay Discount terms?

Which contractors are SDO-certified (formerly SOMWBA-certified)?

What is the contractor's effective date range and status (active/inactive)?

Who is the contractor's contact person and how do I reach them?

Where are contractor-specific: pricing, specific terms, specific promotions?


This tab does not contain information related to current (active) contracts.  It is used to provide information about expired (inactive) contracts.

Other Information

Where are documents or information related to previous versions of this contract?

What buyer actions were taken in creating this contract record in Comm-PASS?